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Today I am Mad (Anger Management Series)

Written by Michael Gordon

Illustrated by Max Larin

This book is a good choice for toddlers and preschoolers. It follows a typical Michael Gordon illustration style. There are large, colorful illustrations featuring a young protagonist.

In this example, Josh frequently feels frustrated and angry when he does not immediately have his needs met. That might be with food, toys, or a particular activity. Gordon portrays Josh finding different techniques to control that anger. For example, counting to ten, finding another outlet, or sharing toys.

This book is a way for parents or teachers to demonstrate appropriate behavior strategies without exerting themselves as authority figure.

Especially recommended for toddlers and preschoolers but appropriate for older children as well.

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My Old Friend, Then – virtual book tour and giveaway #myoldfriend #giveaway

In partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Riverlet Press


My Old Friend, Then

Written by Katherine Davis-Gibbon

Illustrated by Allie Daigle

Ages 4 and up | 40 Pages

Publisher: Riverlet Press LLC | ISBN-13: 9781737957607

Publisher’s Synopsis: A child ponders … who is her best, most loyal friend? Is it her constant companion, Then, who regales her with extravagant stories of their shared past and imagined future? Or is it precious, patient Now, with whom she sensitively explores each new moment that unfolds?

My Old Friend, Then explores mindfulness the same way that kids approach life: with curiosity, humor, and unspoiled sincerity. Pairing accessible and relatable language with vivid, quirky illustrations, this book invites readers to share in a young girl’s journey as she grapples with the trappings—and delights in the boundless potential—of her own brilliant mind.



Katherine Davis-Gibbon is a yoga teacher, a longtime practitioner of Vipassana meditation, and most importantly a mother of two. She is also the founder of Riverlet Press, a children’s book company for conscious parents raising mindful kids.

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Allie Daigle is an illustrator who strives to create immersive and expressive images that stimulate the imagination. Whether for a children’s book, a product label, or her original pieces, Daigle’s works implore the viewer to linger and explore the details within. Allie primarily works with traditional watercolor & ink as well as digital mediums.

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My Old Friend, Then

Written by Katherine Davis-Gibbon

Illustrated by Allie Daigle

This is a charming picture book written for preschoolers and primary grade children. A little girl reflects on her imaginary friend, Then. Then is a collection of her memories and her first imaginary friend. Now the little girl has also embraced a new friend, Now. This friend does not fear losing the girl or sharing her. She is confident and does not fear other friends.

The subtle pastel colors of the illustrations reflect the moods of the little girl. The faces of the imaginary friends are not filled in, allowing the reader to imagine what they look like. There are only a few lines of text with each illustration, but they are filled with emotion.

I would highly recommend this book as a bedtime story or read-aloud for children ages four through seven.


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Fatso Runs Away from Home: An easy reading adventure following a cat’s adventure

Written by Garth and Mo Reason

Illustrated by Harriet Kim Anh Rodis

Fatso Runs Away From Home: An easy reading journey following a cat's adventure (Fatso The Cat) by [Garth and Mo Reason]

Fatso is a spoiled cat. For many years he has lived a comfortable life in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reason.

One day a visitor to the home brings a dog named Maria to the home. Fatso wants to become friends but Maria is bossy and unwilling to share. So Fatso ventures out into the outside world he has never seen.

At first, Fatso sees his outing as an adventure. He meets a neighborhood cat, Sebastian. When Fatso gets lost, he becomes frightened until he meets up with Fluffy and her family.

Will Fatso survive in the outside world? Does he ever find his way back home?

This picture book uses a cat world view to teach children how to have courage, resilience, and empathy. The author includes activities to encourage young readers to think about what happened in the story and enhance reading comprehension skills.

I would suggest this book as a picture book for younger children or a beginning reading for older elementary school readers.

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In partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Thomas Tosi


Six Thousand Doughnuts

Written by Thomas Tosi

Illustrated by Meaghan Tosi

Ages 8-12 | 284 Pages

Publisher: Dooney Press | ISBN-13 : 978-1954782013

Publisher’s Synopsis: Why would anyone need six thousand doughnuts?

Big family…little house… Fifth-grader Abe Mitchell is fed up with sharing. All he wants is something to call his own. And he just might get it when he finds a loophole in the fine print of a doughnut shop coupon. Abe thinks it entitles him to a fresh-baked mountain of crullers, dunkers, and chocolate-frosteds. But cashing in means war with Marlene Paczki, the daughter of the doughnut shop owner and Abe’s new crush.




Six Thousand Doughnuts

Written by Thomas Tosi

Illustrated by Meghan Tosi

Abe Mitchell is tired of sharing. He lives in an attic space with his two older twin brothers. His sisters must also share. When his cousin Celia temporarily moves it, he is unhappy to learn that he and his brothers will now be sharing the attic with his sisters as well!

One day Abe is sharing a doughnut with his two sisters when he notices a coupon on his father’s coffee cup. He has won a free doughnut, one that he will not have to share. Abe’s dad refuses to return to the shop, so he decides to return another day.

Now Abe is a clever fifth grader. He notices the fine print that says prize may be exchanged for 1/20 of a cent. Abe quickly calculates that would be the equivalent of six thousand doughnuts. When Abe returns to the store to collect his prize, the owner demurs informing Abe that is just legal jargon. To make matters worse, Marlene Paczki, the owner’s daughter starts a food fight that nearly destroys the shop. Add to that, the fact that Abe develops a crush on Marlene, his problems continue to mount.

Read the rest of this hilarious, coming of age middle-grade novel to find out what happens to Abe, his family, and the doughnut shop. The black and white illustrations enhance this fun read and make it a perfect choice for a reluctant reader.


Thomas Tosi is a writer/filmmaker who, together with his wife, Heidi, has produced an award-winning children’s website, educational multimedia games, and dramatic films which have aired on national television, PBS affiliate stations, and screened in numerous film festivals. He was born and raised in New Hampshire, where he and Heidi still reside. He takes pride in the fact that they now live in a solar-powered home where they grow and can organic vegetables.

For more information visit


Meaghan Tosi, after being born on April Fools’ Day in New Hampshire, has collected a BFA from Laguna College of Art and Design. She illustrated this book and the graphic novel Squashed alongside author Thomas Tosi. She has also self-published DWEEDY: The Imagined Adventures of My Deceased Cat. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, for the art, coffee shops, vegan food, and the constantly lingering smell of rain.


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The giveaway begins May 19, 2021, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends June 19, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. MT.



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Giveaway open to residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 17 and older. Kat Kronenberg is responsible for prize fulfillment. *Date, time, and school for the visit is to be worked out between the winner and author Kat Kronenberg. The school must be within 2 hours driving distance of any major airport and on the mainline. Parent’s at the school must be offered a chance to buy Love Big so that their students have the opportunity to take home an autographed copy with their name in it – thrilling. Kat Kronenberg must be able to set up at least one more school visit in the area. Click here for the giveaway rules.

Love Big

Love Big

Written by Kat Kronenberg

Publisher’s Synopsis: The once-thriving, African savanna has turned dry and desolate. Baboon watches animals who are so hungry that they seek only their own interest. Rhinoceros destroys Termite’s castle in his race to find food. Hare chooses not to share food with her family, and Lion steals from his pride. But after Baboon sees Rhinoceros give Hare his snack-on-a-stick, everything changes! Baboon realizes that a transformative power exists between the animals and the stardust that surrounds them once they share smiles and truly believe in themselves and each other. Read on to see if Baboon can save the savanna with this new secret and a very stinky, unlike hero…

Ages 3-10 | Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press | January 8, 2019, | ISBN-13: 978-1626346000 PURCHASE LINKS

Barnes and Noble



The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

Written by Karin Kaufman

A delightful chapter book consisting of ten stories that revolve around a fearless family of mice facing the dangers and challenges of winter. Geraldine is the protagonist who was born in April, but now in October is facing the end of the gathering season. She and her brother Nigel have much to learn and experience. Readers are introduced to their friends in the forest, Penelope, the sparrow and Cheddar, a white rabbit. The children love to hear their father Nigel read to them stories from the Book of Tales. These adventures teach them about common sense, trust, gratitude, empathy and sharing. As October wanes, the family and friends celebrate Thanksgiving and the joys of Christmas. On the other hand, the children’s curiosity put them in danger of being eaten by wolves and ravens, swept down the river on a log and being destroyed by a forest fire. Charlotte is a sensitive and inquisitive mouse who desires to read, write and explore the world around her. She and her brother share sibling rivalry, but at the same time deeply love and care for one another. Their parents teach them to have faith that Very, Very Big Hands will be there to guide and protect them.

This chapter book is geared toward readers in grades three to six. Some younger children may enjoy individual stories as a read aloud. There are no illustrations; a few simple drawings would add appeal to younger children. I would thoroughly recommend the book as a gentle, sweet read for children who love animals. The many lessons learned and bravery in facing adversity allow for lots of discussion on the topics of developing strong character and interpersonal skills.

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Bash and Lucy Fetching Jealousy Book Two

Written by Lisa and Michael Cohn

Illustrated by Heather Nichols


Book Two in the Bash and Lucy Picture Book series is a charming picture book for children in the early elementary grades. In this adventure, Lucy is the mascot of Bash’s soccer team; her support has helped lead them to the team championship. Lucy delights the crowd with her antics dressed in her baseball uniform and cap. But on the day of the championship, another team led by a boy named Tristan asks that they allow Lucy to guide their team to a win in the Special Olympics. Bash and his teammates are overcome with jealousy as they watch Lucy cheering and entertaining for another team. They become so desperate that they crawl around the ground acting like puppies in order to lure Lucy back to them.

Lucy is overjoyed to help her new friends and doesn’t have a problem sharing, but Bash and the team can’t seem to understand. Who will win Lucy’s loyalty? Is there a way that both teams can win?

The illustrations in this book are beautifully done in soft pastel colors, portraying the emotions of the characters well. I think that children will experience the deep emotions on both sides. This book can help parents and teachers guide children to understand their feelings of jealousy in a simple, forthright way. Recommended especially for children ages five through eight.

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Reviews of two books in the Mini Myths Series: Be Patient, PANDORA! and Play Nice, HERCULES!

Written by Joan Holub

Illustrated by Leslie Patricelli

Be Patient, PANDORA!


At first glance, you might say how could a toddler possibly understand the connections between Greek mythology and a toddler’s learning curve, but you are mistaken. Holub has deftly taken the story of Pandora’s box and woven it into a wonderful twenty-four page toddler board book. Each page contains a picture, one word or one sentence to portray a tot named Pandora, who simply cannot contain her curiosity when her mother tells her not to open the box. She cannot resist and then fears rejection and loss of her mother’s love when her curiosity gets the best of her. Patricelli knows exactly how to convey the story in pictures that are so simple yet expressive with the generalization needed for young children to understand the plot.





Play Nice, HERCULES!

Hercules,picThis book has more text than the first, but does not go beyond one sentence on a page. Hercules is a toddler who has a habit of getting into mischief. Patricelli says it all in the wonderful facial expressions in her character. Dad warns him to play nice with his little sister who is sitting on the floor with her blocks. You can guess what happens when Hercules decides to display his strength. I especially enjoyed the way Holub used sound words like whomp-stomp and ka-boom to combine pictures and actions of the story. Mighty Hercules will have to learn how to contain his powers, and the siblings will learn a valuable lesson in the process.

Both sturdy board books contain summaries of the Greek myths upon which they are based on the back cover of the book. This is particularly useful for adult readers who may have forgotten the story and also allows the young child to “grow into” an interest for classical Greek literature at a later point in time. Parents and teachers may use the series as an early introduction to fine literature as well as a way to teach the skills and values that toddlers are beginning to develop. If you enjoyed reading these reviews, please subscribe by clicking on the word Follow or by hitting the orange RSS Feed number in the upper right hand corner of this page.


Tales of the Friendly Forest

Written by Alexi Lushkin
Translated from Russian by Galina Krylova


This kindle book is a collection of ten fairy tales told from the point of view of several animals living in the forest. At the outset the reader is introduced to a poem that tells of the song of the forest. The animals in the tales introduce themselves one verse at a time. In the beginning, the forest was in chaos. Each of the animals went about doing whatever he wanted. One day a clubfooted bear shouted out to the other animals of the forest from the top of a tree that from now on there would be a truce; all animals would be friends to one another and there would be no territorial boundaries. From that point on, all the animals of the forest had their own names, but they were all friends and helpers to each other.

The rest of the stories focus on one or two animals who are able to teach the reader about compassion for others, the need to share knowledge, not to be afraid of the unknown, and to be true to oneself. In the story about fashion, the animals decide to be fashion mongers. Even though the boars delight in rolling around in the mud, they then rub against the trees ridding themselves of all dirt. The animals decide that boars are the neatest and cleanest animals in the forest. Appearances can be deceiving! In the story about the forest beasts watching children play hockey, children learn that TV and cinema did not always exist, there should be time for other pursuits.

These short stories are intended for children and adults. The format is a bit unusual in that the book begins with a poem and then switches to verse. In a few places the flow is a bit choppy due to the translation. Still, I found the stories refreshing with good lessons for children and reminders for adults. The book can be broken up into sections for younger children and read independently by children eight and older. Makes a nice bedtime story book for children who love animals.

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The Elephant, Cow and The Yummy Bananas (Shortest Story Book Series for Children)

Written by Sarah G.


This is the story of a baby elephant and a cow who are the best of friends. One day they are walking in the forest when they come upon a banana tree laden with ripe fruit. Cow asks elephant to reach the banana by using its trunk. Elephant obliges him, but suddenly elephant remarks, “I am hungry and I will have it.” Cow is upset and reminds his friend that he saw the tree first and should have its fruit. The two friends argued for a long time. After a while, a monkey sauntered by. The two friends asked him to be a mediator dividing the bananas equally and offering him a share. Monkey thought for a time before jumping up into the tree grabbing a banana and then peeling it. He did not divide the banana, but peeled it giving cow and monkey equal pieces of peel. Then he began to eat all of the banana himself!

The elephant asked him, “Why are you justified in eating the banana and giving us only the peel?” Then the monkey pointed out that they are two friends who are on opposite sides arguing, but that he is in the middle. Isn’t it logical that he should eat the middle part, while the two parties arguing eat the parts that are on the two sides? While the two friends pondered about this, the monkey ate all the rest of the bananas and left cow and elephant with only the peels. Finally, the two friends realized their mistake. Elephant was the first to yield. They admit to each other that they were wasting time arguing, and that friends need to share with each other. By being greedy, each of them was exploited by the monkey. From that day on, cow and elephant resolve to play and help each other sharing without hesitation.

This kindle short story is a great read aloud for young children who are in the “me” stage. The animal friends are an easy way to introduce the values of sharing and friendship. My one criticism is that the book lacks illustrations which could have been very effective in reinforcing the concepts that the author is delineating in the story. Parents and classroom teachers might want to use the book to address sibling rivalry or “how to play well and get along with others.”

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