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The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache

Written by Lori Orlinsky

Illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre

A very cute, rhyming picture book selection for preschool and kindergarten readers. A little girl is eating lunch in school when she loses her first tooth. She is dismayed because she swallowed it! How will she be able to put the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy?

The protagonist decides on deception. She places a look-alike under her pillow. The tooth fairy takes the bait but later becomes suspicious and calls her friends to check it out. They decide to teach the little girl a valuable lesson.

Young readers will both empathize with the girl and delight in its humorous lesson. A perfect gift choice for children about to lose their first tooth.

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Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in …Tiger Trouble!

Written by Grant Goodman

Agent Darcy is a gifted ninja who never misses an opportunity to display her talents. Unfortunately, her younger brother, Steve, does not possess her ninja skills. Darcy never lets him forget it.

Book One in a series portrays Darcy and her cohorts as strong female role models. The sibling rivalry scenarios will ring true with elementary and middle-school readers. I believe the book is a good choice for reluctant readers as well because the characters are authentic and the story moves smoothly and quickly. It also could be an excellent tool for a short classroom daily read-aloud book to open a reading lesson.

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Where I Get My Super Power

Written by Ageno H. Monica

This is a different slant on the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah. In this picture book, Samson possesses exceptional strength which he uses to keep bullies at bay. Delilah is his best friend, but one-day local bullies offer her all kinds of riches and power if she could uncover the secret of his strength.

The bullies convince Delilah to sell out her best friend. Samson is strong mentally as well as physically. Will he continue to resist?

Cute illustrations and simple text make this book appealing to young children under the age of eight.




T-Rex Twins: Brothers with Arms

Written by Michael Williamson

Illustrated by Kleverton Monteiro

The T-Rex twins are adorable characters. The book describes the wonderful adventures they experience together.

They do have a big problem. The twins have exceptionally long arms that make them an object of ridicule. No one wants to befriend them until outsiders realize the value of their physical differences.

Readers learn that it is okay to be different and that each individual has value. Fun and vibrant illustrations combined with well-written text that pops off the page. This book can serve as a bedtime story or a classroom discussion book. I highly recommend it for children up to age eight.




Cinnamon the Adventurous Guinea Pig Goes to Devil’s Island

Written by Daniel Turner

Illustrated by Gayle Skinner

This is a delightful beginning reader chapter book. It contains a few simple illustrations peppered throughout to keep the reader interested. The animal characters featuring guinea pigs and Siamese cats are delightful. They provide young readers with models of compassion, kindness, empathy, resilience, and teamwork.

Driven to flee their home because of a volcanic eruption, the animals get lost at sea, captured by the nasty, Captain Blood, and develop a plan to resist their enslavement. Will they be able to escape his clutches? What will the future hold for them?

The book is under sixty pages which makes it a good choice not only for a beginning but also for a reluctant reader. I would also recommend it as a classroom read-aloud that could be used to teach desirable values.

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Max, the Intrepid Mouse

Written by Elizabeth Klein

Max, the mouse, is an adorable character. He aspires to be successful in whatever endeavor he tries, Max would like to be a writer, a detective, an inventor, and a hero.

Max’s family is constantly in awe of his adventures. He is empathetic and good-natured, but his enthusiasm leads to trouble no matter what he does. Readers will delight in his exploits both in his barn home and out in the fields where he invents a mouse van to transport his family on a Christmas vacation.

The chapters are short; the vocabulary challenging enough, and the creativity of the plot a real enticement for beginning and middle-school readers. Fans of detective, adventure, fantasy and fairy tales will find the book equally entertaining.

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Where Did Grandpa Go? (Grandpa’s Stories)

Written by Mrs.D

Illustrated by Saima Malik

This book is Part One of a two-part series about a beloved grandpa. Grandpa wants to oblige and help, but he has his way of doing things. When his wife makes a simple errand request, he immediately offers to comply. There is one problem, he has a unique way of achieving that goal.

In this tale, Grandma asks her husband to perform four simple errands to purchase ice cream, pizza, soil, and oranges, but in each case, Grandpa causes great anxiety by disappearing. Grandma is frantic. She calls the family, neighbors, hospitals, and police. Ultimately, Grandpa calls from a different destination each time telling her he is unharmed.

This book has a unique message. Not all people follow the accepted way of achieving our goals. It is okay to be different. Mrs. D’s beginning chapter book contains beautiful, color illustrations, and an important life lesson. I would recommend the book for elementary school readers and would also be an excellent choice for families with members afflicted with early Alzheimer’s disease. Looking forward to Grandpa’s adventures in Book 2.

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Fatso Runs Away from Home: An easy reading adventure following a cat’s adventure

Written by Garth and Mo Reason

Illustrated by Harriet Kim Anh Rodis

Fatso Runs Away From Home: An easy reading journey following a cat's adventure (Fatso The Cat) by [Garth and Mo Reason]

Fatso is a spoiled cat. For many years he has lived a comfortable life in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reason.

One day a visitor to the home brings a dog named Maria to the home. Fatso wants to become friends but Maria is bossy and unwilling to share. So Fatso ventures out into the outside world he has never seen.

At first, Fatso sees his outing as an adventure. He meets a neighborhood cat, Sebastian. When Fatso gets lost, he becomes frightened until he meets up with Fluffy and her family.

Will Fatso survive in the outside world? Does he ever find his way back home?

This picture book uses a cat world view to teach children how to have courage, resilience, and empathy. The author includes activities to encourage young readers to think about what happened in the story and enhance reading comprehension skills.

I would suggest this book as a picture book for younger children or a beginning reading for older elementary school readers.

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You Got This: A Tale of Courage

Written by Wanda Carter Roush

Illustrated by Nataly Simmons

A little girl enjoys visiting the garden where her guardian angel stands behind her giving her the courage to share adventures and later to face challenges in school. As the girl grows older, she faces new challenges but the angel is always there to support and encourage her.

When the girl becomes an adult and moves away the angel is sad. Life has become difficult for both of them. Will the woman find the strength to move forward? Can the guardian angel find happiness once more?

The picture book contains beautiful illustrations and valuable life lessons. An uplifting story for any age.

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#THISISCLARE – virtual blog tour and giveaway

In partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Lindy Nelson


This Is Clare

Written by Lindy Nelson

Illustrated by Ingrid Lefebvre

Ages 4+ | 38 Pages

Publisher: Mascot Kids | ISBN-13: 978-1643073606

Publisher’s Synopsis: Come follow a lady and her hound.

New adventures with new friends will abound.

Learn some English and verse with Lindy and Clare.

We’re in China; we hope to see you there!




Lindy Nelson is an American who has spent most of her adult life teaching English in China after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She enjoys arts and crafts, funny memes, eating candy, and of course, spending time with her greyhound, Clarence.


This is Clare is an adorable picture book about a lady named Lindy and her adventures with her greyhound named Clare. The author uses verbs that end in air and are to teach English vocabulary. The illustrations are adorable and the simple text will expand vocabulary for anyone learning English. It is a book that is fun to read aloud and will enrich the vocabulary of native English speakers as well.

The multicultural illustrations that feature Chinese culture will provide a springboard for discussion and further research. This book will delight all ages from preschool to adult English as a Second Language Learners. I am looking forward to more adventures with Lindy and Clare.


Enter for a chance to win a copy of This Is Clare, along with a virtual Questions and Answers session with the author!

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

A copy of This Is Clare

A virtual Questions and Answers session with the author via Skype

Nine (9) winners receive:

A copy of This Is Clare

The giveaway ends December 2, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. MT.



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