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Today I am Mad (Anger Management Series)

Written by Michael Gordon

Illustrated by Max Larin

This book is a good choice for toddlers and preschoolers. It follows a typical Michael Gordon illustration style. There are large, colorful illustrations featuring a young protagonist.

In this example, Josh frequently feels frustrated and angry when he does not immediately have his needs met. That might be with food, toys, or a particular activity. Gordon portrays Josh finding different techniques to control that anger. For example, counting to ten, finding another outlet, or sharing toys.

This book is a way for parents or teachers to demonstrate appropriate behavior strategies without exerting themselves as authority figure.

Especially recommended for toddlers and preschoolers but appropriate for older children as well.

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A Dreidel of Wonders: A whimsical Hanukkah story with a twist for kids

Written and Illustrated by Edith Naaman

This book combines a whimsical tale of the dreidel with an informative guide for teachers and parents. The first part of the story written in rhyme teaches children about Hanukkah and the role of the dreidel.

Each year when the holiday season passes, Nana packs the dreidel away. One year the dreidel objects and asks why it cannot remain on the shelf with the other toys. Nana accedes to his request.

The second part of the book reflects on the theory of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program) which is a collection of research, practices, and ideas that assist children to connect with their abilities and other people. This section of the book shows how the dreidel prepares children to conquer pain, fear, and find the courage to try within themselves.

Children as young as three can enjoy the first part of the story, while the second part is a useful resource for caretakers and parents.

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