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Mishi and Mashi go to Germany: Mishi and Mashi Visit Europe Series

Written by Mary George

Illustrated by Lisa Sacchi

This book is part of a European travel series. Mishi and Mashi are two sisters who accompany their parents on travel adventures. The series is intended for elementary school readers.

The author manages to create a pretty comprehensive picture book. Cities visited include Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Frankfurt. They visit kid favorites like museums, zoos, castles, and food venues that feature German specialties. Of course, they experience an Octoberfest and Bavarian costumes. Illustrations are pastels done in soft colors.

My first book of the series, but I will definitely come back to read others.


#LETTER SOUNDS ABOUND – a virtual book tour and giveaway

In partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Practice Readers Books


Letter Sounds Abound

Written by Catherine S. Young

Illustrated by Victoria Gesner

Ages 3-6 | 48 Pages

Publisher: Practice Readers Books | ISBN-13: 9781778066702

Publisher’s Synopsis: Letter Sounds Abound is a friendly alphabet book that highlights big ideas about how written language works for preschool and kindergarten children. It focuses on the most common letter-sound relationships while helping children tune in to the fact that letters can make different sounds in different situations to avoid confusion for beginners. The rhyming text makes it fun for parents to read to their children time and again, while simple line drawings inspire imagination without competing for attention with text.


Practice Readers Books


Catherine S. Young has spent her career putting research insights into practice across the spheres of education, public health, and electronics. The proud mother of three delightful developing readers, she founded Practice Readers Books to provide evidence-aligned books to support the unique needs of fledgling readers (and their parents) at school and at home.

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Victoria Gesner (Pelletier) is an artist and educator based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She believes in making literacy and art affordable and accessible to all.

You can find some of her other artwork at Femme des Fleurs Art at



Letters Abound: A Practice Reading Book

Written by C. S. Young

Illustrations by Victoria Gesner

A simple tool to teach preschool and kindergarten students to learn and read alphabet sounds and words. The author introduces forty-four sounds and the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Young emphasizes first skills of reading like tracking left to right and following with the finger. Gesner’s illustrations are presented as simple black and white pictures containing the single letters, digraph sounds, and alphabet letters. Children learn how to point out the capital and small letters as they find out about the sounds associated with each. Two sentences on each page rhyme to make reading out loud a fun exercise pleasing to the ear.

This book provides a teaching tool for adults to read as well as for the child to pick up independently as she becomes more confident and proficient in phonetic and reading skills. Certainly, a valuable teaching tool for preschool and early childhood teachers as well as parents.


Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Letter Sounds Abound, the companion practice book Alphabet Print and Colour, a beginner’s notebook, and a set of alphabet letter magnets!

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

– An autographed copy of Letter Sounds Abound

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– A beginner’s notebook

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Two (2) winners receive:

– An autographed copy of Letter Sounds Abound



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Today I am Mad (Anger Management Series)

Written by Michael Gordon

Illustrated by Max Larin

This book is a good choice for toddlers and preschoolers. It follows a typical Michael Gordon illustration style. There are large, colorful illustrations featuring a young protagonist.

In this example, Josh frequently feels frustrated and angry when he does not immediately have his needs met. That might be with food, toys, or a particular activity. Gordon portrays Josh finding different techniques to control that anger. For example, counting to ten, finding another outlet, or sharing toys.

This book is a way for parents or teachers to demonstrate appropriate behavior strategies without exerting themselves as authority figure.

Especially recommended for toddlers and preschoolers but appropriate for older children as well.

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The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache

Written by Lori Orlinsky

Illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre

A very cute, rhyming picture book selection for preschool and kindergarten readers. A little girl is eating lunch in school when she loses her first tooth. She is dismayed because she swallowed it! How will she be able to put the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy?

The protagonist decides on deception. She places a look-alike under her pillow. The tooth fairy takes the bait but later becomes suspicious and calls her friends to check it out. They decide to teach the little girl a valuable lesson.

Young readers will both empathize with the girl and delight in its humorous lesson. A perfect gift choice for children about to lose their first tooth.

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Where I Get My Super Power

Written by Ageno H. Monica

This is a different slant on the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah. In this picture book, Samson possesses exceptional strength which he uses to keep bullies at bay. Delilah is his best friend, but one-day local bullies offer her all kinds of riches and power if she could uncover the secret of his strength.

The bullies convince Delilah to sell out her best friend. Samson is strong mentally as well as physically. Will he continue to resist?

Cute illustrations and simple text make this book appealing to young children under the age of eight.




T-Rex Twins: Brothers with Arms

Written by Michael Williamson

Illustrated by Kleverton Monteiro

The T-Rex twins are adorable characters. The book describes the wonderful adventures they experience together.

They do have a big problem. The twins have exceptionally long arms that make them an object of ridicule. No one wants to befriend them until outsiders realize the value of their physical differences.

Readers learn that it is okay to be different and that each individual has value. Fun and vibrant illustrations combined with well-written text that pops off the page. This book can serve as a bedtime story or a classroom discussion book. I highly recommend it for children up to age eight.




The Dinosaur Who Discovered Hamburgers

Written by Adisan Books

A fanciful picture book for young readers who are obsessed with dinosaurs. The protagonist is a dinosaur who loves to eat. One day he ventures forth to discover the perfect food.

Readers follow him through deserts, mountains, forests, swamps, and rivers. After selecting what he believed to be the perfect ingredients, our dinosaur friend returns home to cook. Something seems to be missing so he visits Dr. Ham’s food technology factory to work on the missing ingredient. Will that dinosaur succeed in finding the perfect food?

Children who love silly humor and/or dinosaur tales will enjoy this picture book. Adults who read the book to children may want to remind them that many parts of the story are not factual.

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My Dad, My Rock, Children’s Picture Book

Written by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

Illustrated by Anna Forlati

A warm and sensitive picture book that will captivate dads, granddads, and grandchildren alike.

Oliver reminisces about the grandfather he has never met. He decides to tell his grandfather about the son he has never known. As Oliver talks about his dad, readers learn about a father’s many roles as a friend, advisor, teacher, and playmate.

The soft, pastel watercolors of the illustrations perfectly complement the tale. I highly recommend the book for families of children ages four through eight.

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Adventures Into the Heart: Playful Stories About Family Love for Kids Ages 3-5 (Perfect for Early Readers)

Written and illustrated by Eric Klassen

A read-aloud or bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers. Papa Bear attempts to explain there are no limits to his love. Written in rhymes with vivid illustrations, the book is a feast for the eyes and a joy for the heart.

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Scaredy Bat Books 1-3 Series Collection: Illustrated Vampire Detective Stories for Kids (Scaredy Bat Collection)

Written by Marina J. Bowman

I previously reviewed the first book in this series and enjoyed it so I jumped at the chance to obtain the boxed series.

Ellie is a vampire detective who is very smart, but she is limited by some very real fears. She has a crew of friends who supplement her weaknesses and team up with her to get to the bottom of each mystery.

This is a wonderful detective series for beginning or intermediate chapter book readers. There are lots of supplementary illustrations to keep the story interesting, along with a few puzzles and bonus pages to make the books interactive. Most children enjoy becoming involved with characters in a series as they are well-developed and interesting.

Highly recommended for budding detectives who love a good mystery with interesting characters and questions to answer.

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