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THE BOOK OF YOU: Raising Happy Kids Book Collection

Written by Prof. Tiptoe

This is a short rhyming book in which parents are reading to a small child. The parents are giving the many reasons why their child is so important. In the short rhymes, the developmental stages of a child are presented. The book ends with the child as a adult ready to write her own book for her own children.

Nothing earthshaking here. Simply a sweet, charming, rhyme book in which parents can express love of their children and build up self-esteem. It would be a nice gift for new parents.

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Your Father’s Love (Parent’s Love- one of Two Book Set)

Written by Niki Alling


I happened to notice this free kindle book and decided to download it. It led to my discovery of a very talented author of whom I was unaware. This particular book is also available as part of a set with its companion volume Your Mother’s Love. Ms. Alling not only writes children’s books, but also writes across many genres including science fiction, fantasy and poetry. In addition, she draws beautiful illustrations that capture the mood of her story.

Turning to this particular book, Alling associates a father’s love for his young child with comforting images like a teddy bear and toy box. She links characteristics like protectiveness, unselfishness and playfulness with friendly animals like giraffes and penguins. A father’s love is peaceful, loyal, brave and enduring. It is patient, strong and nurturing, wise and everlasting. Most important of all his love is all encompassing like the sun and all the inhabitants of the sky. Each child reader is made to feel special because the author uses a silhouette image of a father urging the reader to keep these feelings as a special secret between them.

All of the illustrations are done in soft, comforting pastel colors that evoke a feeling of warmth and reassurance. Any parent or grandparent would love to read this story aloud over and over to a special, young child. It is the kind of book that a child could turn to for comfort in times of distress or fear. Certainly, one that would make a fine addition to a bookshelf or kindle, and a treat for both children and adults. I am going to make it a point to read more works by this talented writer and artist.

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