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#MyButtisSoSilly, a virtual book tour and giveaway

In partnership with the Children’s Book Review and Dover Publications


My Butt is So Silly

Written by Dawn McMillan

Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

Ages 6-10 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Dover Publications | ISBN-13: 9780486849768

Publisher’s Synopsis: Everyone’s favorite character from I Need a New Butt!, I Broke My Butt!, and My Butt is So Noisy! is back in a hilarious new story about a silly butt that won’t stop moving! The talented duo of children’s author Dawn McMillan and illustrator Ross Kinnaird have created another delightful, laugh-out-loud tale of a bothersome backside that leads to all kinds of amusing adventures. The fun never stops, from the first page to the last of this newest book in the best-selling series.


Dover Publications:



Dawn McMillan writes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and storybooks for children. She is also the author of Woolly Wally and Holy Socks. Dover also publishes her collaborations with illustrator Ross Kinnaird including everyone’s favorite character, the boy with the troublesome backside from bestsellers I Need a New Butt!, I Broke My Butt!, and My Butt is SO NOISY! Additional Dover publications include Doctor Grundy’s Undies and Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did! She lives in Waiomu, New Zealand.


In addition to his collaborations with Dawn McMillan, Ross Kinnaird has illustrated such children’s books as 50 Body Questions and the animated poem “Smaller,” winner of the People’s Choice Award at the World Parkinson Congress. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.


My Butt is So Silly

Written by Dawn McMillan

Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

This book is a rhyming picture book that is also a good choice as a beginning reader or a selection for a reluctant reader. Children will enjoy reading it aloud. Fans of the series will laugh at the hilarious hijinks of a butt that has gone out of control. The sounds and sights featured delight fans of potty humor. For children ages six through ten who can’t get enough of silliness.


I Need a New Butt! 978-0-486-78799-2

I Need a New Butt!, I Broke My Butt!, My Butt is So NOISY!: 3 Hilarious Stories in one NOISY Book

A boy suddenly notices a big problem — his butt has a huge crack! So he sets off to find a new one. Will he choose an armor-plated butt? A rocket butt? A robot butt? Find out in a quirky storybook that children and parents will love, no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

I Broke My Butt! 978-0-486-84273-8

I Broke My Butt!: The Cheeky Sequel to the International Bestseller I Need a New Butt!

The inventive young hero from the bestselling I Need a New Butt! is back and this time he has accidentally glued a serving tray to his behind — and he’s tickled pink! See, it’s great for sliding down hills, surfing big waves, and other booty-full fun and games. Now all his friends want one too! Another cheeky farce from Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird.

My Butt is SO NOISY! 978-0-486-84731-3

My Butt is SO NOISY!

Everyone’s favorite character from the bestselling I Need a New Butt! and I Broke My Butt! is back with a new problem — his butt is too noisy! The latest and loudest sequel follows our hero’s hilarious adventures caused by the hooting and tooting, humming and strumming, and clicking and ticking of a bothersome backside. Can the noises be put to good use? Find out in this latest cheeky tale from Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird.

I Need a New Butt!, I Broke My Butt!, My Butt is So NOISY! 978-0-486-84863-1 – Hardcover bindup with sound button

My Butt is SO NOISY!

Brimming with fun, this hilarious collection combines all three bestselling books about the boy with the troublesome backside: the original I Need a New Butt!, its sequel I Broke My Butt!, and the latest addition to this series of silly stories, My Butt is SO NOISY! The children’s book duo of author Dawn McMillan and illustrator Ross Kinnaird offers laugh-out-loud humor in these delightful rhyming stories, now with an interactive sound button that will keep preschoolers and kids—and grown-ups, too—giggling from the first page to the last.

Doctor Grundy’s Undies 978-0-486-83248-7

Doctor Grundy's Undies

A strong gust of wind sweeps Doctor Grundy’s best undies off the clothesline and out to sea. Who will get their hands on these unusual undergarments? A cracked crew of pirates? A silly Scottish bagpiper? Find out in this fun-filled and irreverent world tour by the bestselling team of McMillan and Kinnaird, the cheeky creators of I Need A New Butt!

Seagull Sid 978-0-486-83247-0

Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did: From the Cheeky Creators of I Need a New Butt!

The bestselling creators of I Need a New Butt are back with more wisecracking rhymes and side-splitting illustrations! Seagull Sid and his fine feathered mates are sick of looking at all the rubbish that people leave behind at the shore. But how can the seagulls reclaim their beach from the trashy humans? No worries, Sid has a mischievously messy plan of attack — watch out below!


Enter for a chance to win a prize pack that includes three hilarious stories in one NOISY book with a sound button!

Five (5) winners receive:

A copy of I Need a New Butt!, I Broke My Butt!, My Butt is So NOISY!: 3 Hilarious Stories in one NOISY Book

The giveaway ends February 27, 2022, at 11:59 P.M. MT.



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A Tree Full of Wonder: An educational rhyming book about the magic of trees for children

Written by Anna Smithers

Illustrated by Martyna Nejman

Tree Full of Wonder: An educational, rhyming book about magic of trees for children by [Anna Smithers, Martyna Nejman, Laura Bingham, Laura Bontje]

What an adorable rhyming picture book! The story begins with a riddle for young readers to ponder.

Children learn how humans and trees are dependent upon each other. Trees give off the oxygen that we breathe in while taking in the carbon dioxide humans breathe out. The author explains how trees are useful. They provide wood and paper for us, stabilize our weather, provide shelter, give us food, and afford countless opportunities for having fun.

At the end of the book, readers can test their knowledge by identifying the twelve different trees mentioned in the book and accepting the challenge to replace the trees that have been cut down.

Highly recommended for primary and elementary grade readers.

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A Little Miracle (Little Bedtime Stories Book 1)

Written by R.J. Furness

Illustrated by Kathryn Short

Barnaby, a young badger, is eager to explore the wonders of his environment for the first time. As he awakens to face the night, he marvels at the moon. His mother takes him on a tour to explore the woodlands at night.

Barnaby discovers marvelous sights and sounds. He finds owls, insects, mice, grasshoppers, and flowers. Then his mother introduces him to a puddle and he discovers the greatest gift of all.

A cute book with beautiful illustrations appropriate as a bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers.

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The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Friendship

Written by Nadja Springer

Illustrated by Tilia Rand-Bell

A little tree possesses an overwhelming urge to travel and see the world. But how can he move? His roots are deep and entrenched in the soil.

The tree has an idea. He recruits the birds of the forest to help him. Slowly, he advances forward. When he comes upon a group of children, he has the opportunity to create deep friendships. Seasons come and go. Will the little tree be able to sustain his dreams?

I like the ideas and concepts that are conveyed through the simple words and illustrations. Having read the kindle version, the size of font was small even when enlarged. That is a drawback for beginning readers who want to read the electronic version.

This book affords the opportunity to explore many topics such as immigration, nature, environment, and mindfulness. That is why I would recommend it for readers of all ages.

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Fernando Invents Socks, A Gripping Story, About the Perils of Ocean Trash!

Written and lllustrated by Brad Pohl

An adorable rhyming picture book for elementary school eco conscious readers! The author employs clever rhymes, onomatopoeia, and alliteration to create this fun read-aloud.

The plot is original and creative. Fernando, a penguin, has a guest visiting him. Judith, a brown chicken is walking with Fernando along the Arctic shore when they both become entangled with yellow string around their feet. Fearful of becoming bait for sea lions, Fernando thinks quickly. He plucks two of Judith’s largest feathers.

What does he do with them and how does his discovery lead to an ingenious invention? Read this beautifully illustrated picture book to find out.

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#LittleMissHISTORY #virtualreality #SANSAR #INTERVIEW with Bernhard Drax

I recently had the opportunity to present Little Miss HISTORY  in animation. Thanks to Silas Merlin, who created the avatar, the character has come to life.

  • Little Miss HISTORY insists, “If you don’t know your history, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” On the day of our birth, we become a character in history because each of us has an opportunity to create our story and place our mark on history.


  • As we stand here in the twenty-first century, technology allows us to immerse ourselves in history. In 2003, Linden Lab launched a program called Second Life. Its users, who are called residents, use this technology to create virtual representations of themselves. These avatars can explore the virtual world, socialize and participate with other residents in a group or individual activities. Second Life has its own virtual currency that allows residents to create, shop, and trade virtual property with one another.


  • In 2014, Linden Lab announced a plan to develop a new virtual world. Content creators began working on the program named Project Sansar. The platform was released in “creator beta” to the public in July 2017. Users create 3D spaces where people can create and share social experiences such as watching videos, playing games, and having conversations. Participants are represented by avatars they create. These avatars contain speech-driven facial animations and motion driven body animations.


  • Sansar supports virtual reality headsets but can also be accessed with Windows computers. The program is free to use, but like Second Life Sansar has its own economy. Users can buy and sell their virtual creations with the Sansar dollar.


  • HOW DID LITTLE MISS HISTORY GET INVOLVED IN VIRTUAL REALITY? A few months ago, I was approached by Bernhard Drax to appear on his Book Club Radio podcast. When I heard that Little Miss HISTORY would have an opportunity to appear in virtual reality, I jumped at the opportunity.


  • Via “draxtor”..and media for all! Drax and his team now offer audio-visual storytelling for many media platforms. Bernhard Drax studied audio engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles and music at the Hochschule fur Musik and Theater Munchen. He is an expert in user-created content in Virtual Reality. His award-winning mixed reality documentary series “The Drax Files: World Makers” is just one of his many video series featured on youtube.


I invite you to join us in a discussion about books, education, and history, past, present, and future!


Check out Little Miss HISTORY’s journey into virtual reality!


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#Featured Author #MiamiBookFair #history #children’s nonfiction

Want to help your child learn about history? Then follow Little Miss History on her explorations.


Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORE is her first stop. In her second journey, she sails to The STATUE of LIBERTY. Little Miss HISTORY’S third adventure to SEQUOIA National Park finds her skydiving into the park to explore its history. This book recently received honorable mention in the Children’s Literature Independently Published Principal’s Awards (CLIPPA), and runner-up in nature/wildlife category of the 2015 Great Northwest Book Festival. In her fourth adventure, Little Miss HISTORY arrives at FORD’S THEATER in her horse and buggy just in time for the 150th Anniversary to witness an event that changed history. This book won the 2015 IAN Award for Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction Book.

Awards for books in this series include seven B.R.A.G. MEDALLIONS, Eric Hoffer Award, Book Excellence Awards, International Reader’s Favorite Awards, Independent Author Network Awards, Global E-Book Award, and CLIPPA Principal’s Award.

About the Author


Barbara Ann Mojica is a historian and retired educator living in New York State. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in History. Barbara spent more than 40 years teaching in NYC and holds New York State teacher certifications in Elementary, Special Education, and Administration. She also spent several years as a Special Education Administrator and principal of a special education preschool for developmentally delayed children. Barbara, although retired from teaching, is staying busy: along with her series of Little Miss History travel books she writes historical pieces for The Columbia Insider, Pat Fisher, and Ed Pollack Editors, under the banner “Passages”. Marrying her love of history and teaching, Barbara hopes her Little Miss History character will inspire children to learn about historical people, and visit landmarks such as the one covered in this book.

Review excerpts


“The use of photographs and colorful illustrations by the illustrator enhances the book with visual appeal. Highly recommended.”


“Charming and informative, Little Miss History doesn’t disappoint, informing young readers about the many great places the United States has to offer for entertainment and learning.”


“I love Barbara’s Little Miss HISTORY books! They visit historical sites and explain the significance of that location in terms kids understand. These books can be used in the classroom as well as for reading at home. Kids love to learn!”


“Because ALL books produced by Barbara Ann Mojica are just wonderful to read, I can’t tell you my favorite. Each time I read one, I believe they all become my favorite.”



The Hexed Child (Bertram Bile Time AdventureTravel Series, Book 3

Written by Sarah Weldon

This is not my first time reading a book from the series. I did not find that a real advantage, though fans of time travel adventures might prefer beginning with Book 1. Bertram Bile and his friend, Molly are sitting in Miss Petrenko’s geography class. She is reputed to be the worst geography teacher in the world. Molly develops a plan giving them an excuse to escape class. She is eager to visit Bertram’s aunt, who just happens to be a witch. They hide in the bathroom and put on their gold-colored goggles, their key to arriving at the witch’s old ash tree home.

The witch gives each child a magic cloak. They amble through the woods and discover a child who is crying. The kind-hearted witch promises to help the mother, who has never been able to quiet the child. The storyline is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Weldon explores themes important to her middle school audience and gently guides them by discussing solutions.

The author bases her series on her experiences swimming the rivers of London. She is an environmentalist and STEM teacher, donating a part of her book sales to these interests. Recommended for readers third grade and older. A perfect chapter book for the middle-grade student audience.

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Autism: Simple and Inexpensive Natural Autism Therapies to Help Your Autistic Child Live a Calm and Healthy Life

Written by Nancy Perez

The author is a proponent of natural therapies to relieve stress and anxiety. She has used them to treat her own diabetes for years and has written how to employ them to assist in the treatment of autism. In this book, Perez provides an overview of the autism spectrum. While there is a myriad of symptoms and behaviors, all autistic children suffer from communication and socialization issues. Autism appears to have connections with both genetics and the environment.

The heart of the book deals with treatments. While many patients diagnosed with autism require some sort of medication, Perez focuses on more natural treatments. A definite diagnosis is often not made until after age five, but early intervention is important to address a child’s needs. Speech, physical and occupational therapy may be needed as well as special education to address cognition. Depending on the issues the individual faces, music therapy, art therapy, animal therapy, nature therapy, and swing therapy, might be effective interventions. I found the discussion of using horses (hippotherapy) to help a child process sensory movements enlightening. Simpler steps that can be implemented easily in the home include removing chemical products, messaging the child, experimenting with dietary needs, and introducing yoga. Learning each child’s preferences and needs is the most difficult aspect of living and working with a child on the autistic spectrum.

As an educator who has worked as a member of an interdisciplinary team treating autistic children, I would definitely recommend this book to parents and educators who are new to the field of autism as an easy to read introduction to the subject.

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Potty Training: Simple Training Plan to Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days and Zero Hassle

Written by Nicky Forbes

The author views potty training as a practical necessity that is dreaded by many parents. She takes a pragmatic approach. The introduction lists the reasons for training before a child reaches kindergarten. She talks about its importance in the social environment, a child’s self-esteem, and impact on the environment. After stressing the need for discussing hygiene with the child and choosing the right potty, the parents are ready to begin training.

Stage One involves telling the child what to do, Stage Two proceeds to show the child what to do. Once that is accomplished, the period of practicing by establishing routines, rewards and dealing with a child’s fears is set in motion. Forbes insists that there is no right time for every child, and the possibility of setbacks and delays is a real one. Nevertheless, she insists that patience, praise, and rewards will make success inevitable. She believes that this can be accomplished with most children using this program within three days.

This guide is a good choice for new parents who do not have a clue on how to approach toilet training. It is practical and easy to follow. Personally, I used common sense in training my own children and did not feel the need to consult the experts, but parents who experienced a negative experience themselves or who fear their children might be reluctant will certainly find this no-nonsense guide useful.

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