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The Importance of Self-Care

This past year has been a hectic year for many all over the world. People have been coping with all that life brings in many ways. One way is working on self-care practices. There are many reasons why introducing practices of self-care into your life can make a pivotal difference in your life. For many, these practices and habits get overlooked in the chaos of the day, particularly during the busy holiday season. 

What Is Self-Care

Self-care is defined as any activity that is intentionally meant to care for our mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual health and wellness. Certain activities are common self-care practices. This means taking care of yourself so that you are healthy physically, and mentally.

You are at your best so that you can work, interact with friends and family, and you can do all the things you need to and want to in a day. This can look very different for each individual but some common self-care activities are listed below.

Self-Care Practices:

  • Yoga
  • Taking a hot bath to relax
  • Enjoying a cup of tea
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality Practices
  • Getting a massage.
  • Listening to calming music
  • Cutting down on screen time.

And many more.

Why Is Self-Care Important

Adding self-care practices to your life has many benefits. Self-care is shown to reduce stress. In addition, many people feel that making time in their lives for self-care practices improves their own mental health greatly. Many people also report greater levels of happiness in their daily lives when incorporating self-care practices.

Taking care of yourself can also improve physical health. In addition to self-care on a personal level, self-care is a factor when facing illness, disease, or disability. Many health care professionals are adopting an integrative health care style approach that includes checking in with patients to help them seek balance in all aspects of life. This helps people facing illness or disease recover faster, better, and more successfully overall.

Tips To Practice Self Care In Your Life 

  • Get enough sleep
  • Balance your commitments and priorities
  • Make a weekly schedule
  • Say no to optional tasks or events you don’t want to take on.
  • Stay on top of physical and mental health
  • Exercise
  • Allow quality time for friends and family.

Making space for self-care in your life provides great benefits to physical and mental health. Some aspects of self-care are personally enriching and fun.

Self-care is not selfish; it is vital to being a well healthy and balanced person. This lets you face whatever life throws at you without breaking your stride. 

©Barbara Ann Mojica December 12, 2022

WHEN MOMS FEEL GREAT, THEN WE DO TOO! virtual blog tour and giveaway #whenmomsfeelgreat,thenwedotoo.

In partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Phyllis Schwartz.


When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do Too!

Written by Phyllis Schwartz

Illustrated by Siski Kalla

Ages 4+ | 38 Pages

Publisher: Acorn Publishing | ISBN-13: 9798885280143

Publisher’s Book Summary: When Mom, one day, came home and said, “I think I better get in bed”

It was up to us to get together

As a team so she’d feel better

We came up with all sorts of things to do

Because “when mom feels great then we do too!”



Barnes and Noble


Phyllis Schwartz is a married mother of two, who, after a highly successful career in the TV news business, finally has the luxury to indulge in and focus on her “civilian” writing. Even as a kid, she kept a diary and wrote little stories and poems, a creative release that continued well into adulthood. She wrote news by day and poetry by night. And despite battling three different types of cancer over more than three decades, she is still filled with energy, joy, and optimism, and she looks forward to writing more poetry and children’s books.

Her writing centers on the beauty she finds daily: Her friends, husband, and two children, as well as her garden and her beautiful beach town residence in dreamy Encinitas, provide continued inspiration for her verse.



When Moms Feel Great Then We Do Too

Written by Phyllis Schwartz

Illustrations by Siski Kalla

A family pulls together to help their mother when she is sick with cancer. They make funny videos, bake cookies, color get-well cards, entertain her and do all they can to cheer her up.

The beautiful, colorful, multicultural illustrations and funny rhymes keep elementary grade children entertained while discussing a serious subject. Young readers learn lessons about compassion, love, empathy, and family resilience while working through a difficult situation.

I would highly recommend this book to parents and teachers, especially those undergoing a family illness as a model of strength and resilience to teach children strategies for dealing with the stress of a family crisis.


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The Monster Under the Bed: Uncovering the Lie that Drives Us

Written by Kim Fiske

This is a thought-provoking book. Fiske believes that what we know of ourselves was developed in our brains at the age of four or five. She wants to explore our fears by producing awareness of the areas of conflict in our lives, asking ourselves is there a monster under our bed, understanding how that monster was created and what is its purpose, and finally deciding what can be done about it in our lives today.

Fiske believes that the fears that haunt adults were developed in our young brains and persist in adult lives filled with stress, financial insecurities, technological dependence and a sense of self-loathing. All these factors exacerbate the fears and test our spiritual and personal boundaries. We become the product of what our emotions decide that we are.

The author believes that by understanding how these fears came to be a part of us and learning how to love them as a part of ourselves we can work to rewire our brain and value ourselves for what we are today. This is an interesting read for young adults and adults who enjoy a challenging read and are not afraid to explore their psyche.

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