A Tree Full of Wonder: An educational rhyming book about the magic of trees for children

Written by Anna Smithers

Illustrated by Martyna Nejman

Tree Full of Wonder: An educational, rhyming book about magic of trees for children by [Anna Smithers, Martyna Nejman, Laura Bingham, Laura Bontje]

What an adorable rhyming picture book! The story begins with a riddle for young readers to ponder.

Children learn how humans and trees are dependent upon each other. Trees give off the oxygen that we breathe in while taking in the carbon dioxide humans breathe out. The author explains how trees are useful. They provide wood and paper for us, stabilize our weather, provide shelter, give us food, and afford countless opportunities for having fun.

At the end of the book, readers can test their knowledge by identifying the twelve different trees mentioned in the book and accepting the challenge to replace the trees that have been cut down.

Highly recommended for primary and elementary grade readers.

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