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The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots

Created by Adisan Books

Poor giraffe tries so hard to make friends with the other mammals. He approaches rhinos, hyenas, ostriches, monkeys, and many others trying to imitate what they do. They all seem to ignore him. Finally, he gets some good advice. Why not try to be yourself? Don’t change your spots. Rejoice in them. After a while, the giraffe discovers his value to himself and others teaching young readers to be themselves.

Large colorful illustrations of familiar animals plus large font make the book a good choice for a child learning to read. Most pages contain only one sentence so it lends itself to being a bedtime story short enough for toddlers and preschoolers.

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National Park (National Park Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Hinesh Vithal


An interesting tale narrated by Rajah, a puggle comfortably ensconced with the Patel family in suburbia. When the family decides they will take a vacation trip to the game preserve, he is excited but remains haunted by a dream that his life will be cut short by a lion attack.

Readers will learn about life in the wild as they meet lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, buffalo, and wild dogs. As the family ride through the game preserve, readers feel as if they are a part of nature. The personified animals have a complicated system of government to which all inhabitants of the national park adhere led by a Council of the Big Five. When the vehicle in which Rajah is riding is overturned, he is injured and rescued by the animals. Rajah becomes an integral part of a habitat that is far out of his comfort zone, yet he is rapidly assimilated into their culture and conflicts. When internal discord threatens to wreck the government of the animals and their safety, Rajah becomes an unwilling hero.

This book contains one or two curse words, but is appropriate for readers twelve and older. The plot is cleverly done, if sometimes a bit wordy. Readers will take away factual knowledge of the game preserve, its inhabitants, and some messages that animals and humans might well take note of. Looking forward to see what happens in the rest of the trilogy.

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