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What’s Old is New Again…

Annual Toy Drive: The Underground Toy Society

Written and illustrated by Jessica D. Adams

This book is a delightful new version of The Underground Toy Society. This society is a group of toys that are no longer being used by their former owners. Together they work as one to find new homes to love them.

Children will love these adorable toys that act like human characters. When the toys find their way to a toy store, they are excited to find a donation box for Christmas toys. Their hopes are dashed when they discover the toys must be new.

I love the section that describes how these toys make themselves new again. Will these toys find a way into the hearts of new children owners?

Adorable illustrations and characters will make this book a new holiday favorite. Recommended for a Christmas story or any time of the year.

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Nobody’s Cats: How One Little Black Kitty Came in from the Cold

Written by Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff

The authors wrote this book based on a true story and contribute the proceeds of sales to animal welfare.

One day a little boy finds a hungry black kitten in the snow next to an old shed. He notices that there are many other cats there. Children passing the cats throw rocks at them. The boy asks neighbors in the area who owns the cats. They tell him that these cats are feral cats that belong to no one.

A few months pass by before a visitor to the boy’s schools comes to teach them about animal rescue. The boy learns he can become a superhero. He can spearhead a community effort to care for these abandoned animals. What will happen to the black kitty? How can the community solve the problem of overpopulation and animal neglect?

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