Alice Eloise’s Silver Linings: The Story of a Silly Service Dog

Written by Sarah Kathryn Frey

Illustrated by Kit Nicua

This book is a beautiful picture book that effectively teaches children how service dogs assist disabled people. As the story opens, readers are introduced to Double Doodle pups awaiting adoption. Sarah Kate is a young woman with physical disabilities who is seeking a pup to train as a service dog.

Our young protagonist pup who is selected is named Alice Eloise. He is a fun-loving silly pup who must learn how to perform a very serious job. Throughout the book, readers discover how service dogs assist their owners. In addition, the biography of Sarah Kate is included.

I recommend this book highly for elementary and middle-grade students. Parents or teachers can use the tale to develop empathy and educate youngsters about people with disabilities. The illustrations are exquisite and the story opens up multiple avenues for meaningful discussions.

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