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Dreasmscape: Saving Alex

Written by Kirstin Pulioff


An intriguing young adult novel that combines elements of fantasy, adventure, coming of age, romance and suspense. I was drawn to the book by the image on the cover; the eyes invite you to investigate further.

As the story opens, sixteen year old Alexis is distraught over the fact that not only is her family moving away, but her mother has just informed her that the move has been pushed up to this weekend. The teen’s best friend, Natalie has come over for a sleep-over and is enlisted to help her pack. I must admit that in the beginning of the story I thought Alexis a spoiled brat: Natalie seemed so much more centered. After packing many boxes, the teens decide to play a video game that they used to love. This is where the action begins.

Natalie falls asleep, but Alexis is somehow transported into the adventure game that she used to know by heart. Once inside, she is confused because she cannot differentiate between reality and the game. Suddenly she is called upon to be the heroine who will rescue the queen. Alexis discovers that appearances are not always what they seem. She learns that life is an adventure that we live everyday: sometimes we play a part that can be altered, but that is not always the case. During Alexis’ time in the game, she learns a lot about character, commitment and relationships.

The characters are well-developed; they evolve as the plot unfurls. I would like to know more about what the future holds for Alexis. Perhaps a sequel? Highly recommended for adults and young adults twelve and up who enjoy adventures with suspense and a touch of romance.

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Creatus (They Exist):The Prequel (Creatus Series)

Written by Carmen DeSousa


I grabbed this book as an introduction to the Creatus novel series that I had read about which mixes elements of mystery, romance, suspense and a touch of the supernatural. The action in this prequel takes place fourteen years before Book One and is intended to develop the characters and fill in some gaps in the story line.

While there is no overt sex or graphic violence, the protagonist named Kris witnesses her mother being stabbed to death, and experiments with drugs and sex in her quest to find herself. For this reason, I would not recommend the book for younger teens. Derrick Ashton, her hero, is a Creatus, one of a species almost wiped out by humans. He struggles to fulfill his destiny as an overseer, while feeling a tremendous pull to be a “watcher” protecting this young human girl even though it is forbidden by his kind. Derrick cannot explain why he feels compelled to be her Dark Angel though he knows his destiny and a mate has already been chosen for him. Here we have two main characters struggling to overcome their demons and find their niche in the world. Derrick cannot help himself and Kris cannot control her destructive behavior. Every time she is at the point of self-destruction, she feels the presence of her Dark Angel. Fans of other books in the series will want to read this novella to round out the Creatus experience.

The author draws the reader in with the skillfully developed plot and imbues the reader with the conflict and torment the characters are experiencing. There is a nice balance of story elements including the right combination of mystery, suspense, and paranormal presenting an interesting drama. Fans of all three genres will enjoy the novella. Older teens will identify with Kris and her struggles to find her way.

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