Rosco The Rascal in the Land of Snow #2

Written by Shana Gorian

Illustrated by Ros Webb


This is the second book in the Rosco series featuring the German Shepherd pup and his family. I enjoyed reading the first adventure set in the pumpkin patch, but the second one centering around a family weekend in the mountains entertained me even more.

Twelve year old James and his seven year old sister Mandy are classic sibling characters. Their dialogue and interactions are so natural. In this adventure James and Mandy share snowball fights, a terrifying sled race downhill, and encountering a coyote. Chapter book readers will find themselves identifying and empathizing with the characters and the tricky situations in which they find themselves. Black and white illustrations add interest. I have already grown fond of this family, their triumphs and their failures.

Recommended especially for children in the seven to ten age range, but adults will love it just as much for a enjoyable afternoon read.

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