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Bubble Head, It’s Time for Bed: A fun, way to learn the days of the week, hygiene, and bedtime routine

Written by Misty Black

Illustrated by Ana Rankovic

Bubble Head, It's Time for Bed!: A fun way to learn days of the week, hygiene, and a bedtime routine. Ages 2-7. (A Bubble Head Adventure Book) by [Misty Black, Ana Rankovic]

This book teaches the days of the week while sharing a fun adventure on each day. Bubble Head has a vivid imagination. He presents the reader with catchy phrases that they will want to repeat.

The text is large and easy to read. Illustrations are colorful and vibrant. Not only will readers learn the days of the week, but they will begin to recognize the necessary steps of a bedtime routine.

As a bonus, there is a checklist for the child to complete and a selection of activities that can be downloaded to continue the fun.

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The Night the Monsters Came: A Fun Way to Teach Kids Healthy Habits as Part of Their Bedtime Routine

Written by Junia Wonders

Illustrated by Lisa Ciccone

Siblings Jack and Joy are getting ready for bed when Jack warns his sister, the monsters are outside and hungry. He dresses as a wizard and Joy puts on her fairy dress and crown.

As the monsters barge through the door, the children are steadfast. They warn the monsters they are not appealing targets because they follow good hygiene. Why does that turn the monsters off? Read the book to find out.

The rhymes are clever with extensive use of onomatopoeia and bright colors outlining new vocabulary. Illustrations are appropriate and colorful. I highly recommend the book for toddlers and primary grade children.

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