I Don’t Want to Turn 3

Written and illustrated by Gramps Jeffrey

Jordan is about to turn 3 years old and he is not thrilled. He believes that up to now he has succeeded in doing pretty much as he pleases. Jordan swipes prized possessions and toys from his siblings and cousins. Then he hides them in his room.

Up to this time, adults have made excuses for him, saying he is only two. Jordan must face the consequences when his “stash” is unexpectedly discovered in his room Dad sits everyone down for a serious talk. Jordan learns that bad behavior brings consequences.

The large and colorful illustrations appeal to a preschool audience. Children can follow them while an adult reads the story aloud. One suggestion I have is that the text near the end of the story be spread out on several pages to make the story flow read better.

Highly recommended read for children ages two through six.

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