Children’s Book: Abigail And The Jungle Adventure (Explore the World Collection)

Written by Tali Cami

Illustrated by Mindy Liang


This is the first in a series of books featuring a little girl named Abigail. She is curious and adventurous. Abigail is spending Christmas at her grandparents’ house while her parents are on a business trip. Grandpa is a retired scientist and inventor who lives in a big, old house full of interesting places to explore. Abigail takes the opportunity to investigate the home while her grandparents are napping and finds many interesting objects in the attic. One of these is a shiny red bicycle covered with a blanket. Inside its basket, Abigail discovers a antique, dusty book containing pictures of different spots all over the world. On the last page she finds the instructions to think of a place and repeat this sentence three times: “Take me there, let me see, Show me where I want to be!”

What young explorer could resist the temptation? Abigail finds herself in the Amazon jungle where she will meet a Toucan, a jaguar, some squirrel monkeys, and a native boy named Nuka. Abigail is a generous young girl and she shares her magical bicycle with her new friend. What will happen next? Will Abigail stay in the jungle, explore a new site or return back to her grandparents?

This story is targeted for children aged two through six. The beautiful, bold and colorful illustrations will capture a young child’s imagination and interest. Vocabulary in the text contains enough of a challenge to extend a young child’s vocabulary when read aloud by a parent or caretaker. There is a bonus fun pack with activities offered to all readers. The elements of adventure, magic and repetition are combined and balanced nicely. Little ones will want to read it over and over and surely look forward to more books in the series.

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