Wishing my family, friends and followers a MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH AND JOYFUL KWANZAA

Victor and I began celebrating by going back to our roots in NYC to see the tree in Rockefeller Center and watch the holiday show at Radio City Music Hall. Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that the season brings you joy and happiness and that the New Year will fulfill your fondest dreams.xmas2016

And now to today’s book review…….


Adventures in the Northwoods: Under the School Book 1

Written by Jehoshaphat Shalom


Tommy is about to embark on his first day as a sixth grader in Bemmington Middle School. His brother has filled him with dread about the terrors that await Tommy as soon as he gets off the bus. So he and his friends decide to force Tommy to smuggle candy into the school inside Tommy’s backpack. Before leaving the bus, Tommy spies a pretty eighth grader named Marcy standing at the edge of the woods and wonders what is going on with her. Almost immediately after Tommy opens the school doors and goes through screening, he is caught smuggling. To make matters worse, the most evil teacher in the school tricks him into getting caught in a phony cheating scam. Tommy lands in the principal’s office and is issued a yellow slip; he surely will be suspended on the first day of school.

There are three separate story lines in this middle grade/young adult zany adventure. The first one deals with Donnolay, a frustrated principal who is bored with his job, but pretends to love his students. Donnolay is determined to find out who has stolen the school projector. He and a seventh grade student are involved in an adventure under the school that will surprise and thrill readers. Second plot involves Marcy, a new student named Eddison, and a former now famous Bemmington alumni. Our third plot takes us on Tommy’s crazy first day at school, and his adventures with Slippery, the school prankster.

The humor is contagious, it is outlandish but hilarious and will sit well with the targeted audience. While readers of any age will enjoy this book, I particularly recommend it for the ten to fourteen year age group. Book Two continuing the fun has already been released.

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