98 Best Travel Tips: A Guide For Travel Junkies on a Budget with KIDS

Written by Chris A. Baird


I have done quite a bit of traveling in my lifetime, but I must say this book is the best guide that I have seen. It covers any conceivable topic related to travel from soup to nuts.

Baird begins by explaining the broad definition of travel; it does not necessarily mean a long, time-consuming journey. He gives us concrete reasons for travel like being able to connect better to others, discover ourselves and expanding our children’s horizons. Baird lists many of the excuses people use not to travel like not having enough time, money or physical resources.

The heart of the book gets down to the nitty-gritty of where you start, how to budget, and plan for your safety. His list of reminders like careful research, passport and insurance information, and booking don’t leave anything out. Baird lays out what you need to know about packing and planning, when and what to do at the airport, and invaluable tips on planning, packing and involving your children in the trip. The author does not forget about preparing for the trip home while still on vacation, and how you should already be thinking about your next family adventure.

This book is a good choice for anyone who is hesitant about traveling with the family, as well as those who are seasoned travelers. Parents can share the book with older children. I can’ think of anything that has been left out. Strongly recommend reading this one before you plan your next vacation.

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