The Imagibles 2 Snarl the Brave

Written by A.J. Cosmo


The story begins when Alex and his mom hear a crash. Someone or something has just knocked over the street light outside. Alex spies his imaginary friend, a lizard called Slips, cowering outside. Slips informs Alex that the situation is serious. At school Jimmy tells Alex that he and his imaginary friend, Snarls also saw something strange last night.

It turns out that Alex, Jimmy and their circle of friends all have imaginary creatures as friends. Slips reveals that a “half-formed,” is an idea that someone has that is not finished because the creator has been distracted. They decide that there is real danger; the kids must find who has created the “half-form” and then make sure that it is finished. When a trashcan flies by Janet’s head, they think they are close to finding it. The gang will have to track down the creator and force him to finish creating his creature.

I won’ t go into the adventure, who the owner might be or whether they can finish the creature and eliminate the danger. This book is an early chapter book targeted mostly for students in second and third grade. The colorful characters, humor, and colorful illustrations of the creatures sustain interest in the short chapter book. While the author recommends the book especially for boys, I think that female early readers will also find it enjoyable. This is book 2 in the series so fans will have new adventures to anticipate in the future.

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