Santa’s Helper (Children Christmas Books and Bedtime Stories)

Written by Arnie Lightning

Santa's Helper

A series of very short stories featuring Santa’s two executive elves named Sammy and Tammy. They are entrusted with granting the wishes of children who ask for the tough gifts that Santa cannot handle. For example, Victoria’s wish is to give enough food to feed all the homeless people in her neighborhood. Edgar would like to build a snowman larger than his house. The problem is that he lives in San Diego where it hasn’t snowed in 130 years. Luke from New York City wishes to find homes for all the puppies and kittens that don’t have humans to love them.. Six year old Timothy aspires to wrestle with a bear. Little Alexis desires to see into the hearts and minds of all the great men and women who have ever lived. Tammy really needed to think hard about that one! Can you guess how these two dedicated workers from Santa’s workshop managed to grant these wishes? Read the book to find out.

Great beginning reader for students in the early elementary grades one through five. A few detailed illustrations would have made the read more appealing to younger children. Recommended for children who like to solve problems; this is a fun holiday read as an independent reader or read aloud.

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