Written and illustrated by: Natalie Tinti


This is the second book in the Sewing a Friendship series. The first book was written by Ms. Tinti when she was ten years old. In this new book, we again meet our young friends: Sokron Blossom, Nina Key, Jonsy Jipsey, Meeka Venya and Kiki Shaver. Grandma Babushka oversees matters; Dogon the dog is the faithful messenger secret agent, and The-Wind narrates as himself.

The Wind begins the story when he notices that Dogon is scurrying to Meeka’s house with a message tied around his neck. The letter reveals that Nina has a horrible scratch on her finger and cannot play her music. Meeka, the math nerd , tries to think up a way to make her feel better. Dogon dashes to Jonsy who finds a Happy Song as a present. Dogon finds Kiki next. She is trying on her outfit from her last fashion show.  Before meeting these girls, she did not care much about others. She ponders how she can help Nina. Finally, Dogon arrives at Sokron’s home where she is cutting out pictures of dresses from a fashion magazine. She rummages though her closet to find a gift. Dogon reports back to Grandma Babushka who has been hiding in a tree surveying the situation from afar.

The girls arrive at Nina’s home to surprise her. Nina has been in her room and has just found Bellkoo’s album of songs about friendship and never giving up. That reminds Nina of her own friends. At that moment, the doorbell rings. The four girls have never been in Nina’s house and are shocked to see how strict and tidy it appears. Notes everywhere say, “Don’t touch this!” They are relieved to find that Nina’s room is a mess. Each one of them has a special present for Nina., which represents each of their personalities.

The Wind watches as the second part of the book unfolds. Nina suggests that they tell stories and draw pictures on fabric to represent them. She begins by narrating a tale of friendship like their own. As each girl creatively adds to the imaginary story, they incorporate their personality and elements of their friendship. The stories are cleverly written and interwoven. Tinti  provides an appendix with a find the differences picture and then invites the readers to submit their own stories to her, which she will incorporate in a new book written for children by children.

The illustrations are done in manga style in vivid colors. These characters remind me of Precious Moments figures. Middle grade readers will find them delightful. They share similar issues, likes and dislikes with their readers. A delightful story and a worthwhile addition to a parent or classroom library. Adults will enjoy the creativity displayed in this book. Looking forward to seeing more from this young author and  reading that collection of stories from children around the world.

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