Earth As Art – a NASA ebook

Laurence Friedl and Karen Yuen


This fantastic ebook is a collection of images from the satellite observations of The Terra, Landstat 5, Landstat 7, Earth Observing-1 and Aqua Satellites. The sensors in these satellites are extremely sensitive measuring light that the human naked eye is unable to see. NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey jointly manage this project. The book is available for purchase from the US Government Printing Office. (see information in download)

What a present for Earth Day! These spectacular images celebrate our planet and allow us to view it from afar. One can see the patterns, shapes and colors as they appear from outside our planet. The images display our oceans, atmosphere, deserts, cities, mountains, volcanoes, islands, forests, rivers, lakes, craters, trenches, glaciers and the list goes on and on. There are 75 large and beautifully colored images with accompanying text giving background on history, climate, ecosystems and topography. Some of the images are from familiar landmarks like the Mississippi River and others are more obscure like Lake Disappointment. An appendix indicates when, where and from which satellite the image originates.

While adults may marvel at their beauty, a child can use these images as a steppingstone to further exploration of a particular interest. Teachers may want to catalog them for use in many areas of the curriculum. If nothing else, they are a celebration of the planet we live on and a reminder for us to preserve that beauty.