Review of :  The Seesaw or Sad Story

Author: Henrique Komatsu

Genre: Picture Book for Older Children

This book gives a unique perspective on bullying. The author tells the story of a young boy who has been bullied because he has large ears. Interestingly enough, the author decides to dedicate the book to those who have been bullies, even though the book presents the story from the side of one who has been bullied.

The seesaw is an excellent analogy to display the emotions of bullying and the reactions of children on both sides of the issue. Abstract images and a creative placement of text accentuate the mood and help recreate the story in the reader’s mind. This book is an excellent way to engage preteens and teens in a discussion about the feelings and consequences of bullying, and provides a powerful tool for parents and educators. The book might be read independently by mature readers.